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Texas Instruments, the No. 1 recommended brand of graphing calculators in the U.S., has optimized its most powerful Computer Algebra System (CAS) math engine for an all-in-one iPad app that makes teaching and learning math more engaging, meaningful and … fun!


Open the door to math mastery with the first-in-class iPad CAS app that delivers comprehensive graphing, data entry and analysis, statistical modeling and calculating functionality.

Solve equations with algebraic precision, factor and expand variable expressions, complete the square, find antiderivatives, compute limits, find exact solutions in irrational form and more.

Make math more meaningful by importing images from the iPad camera or photo library and overlaying graphs and equations on them to illustrate abstract math principles in the real world.*

Visualize crucial connections by observing how equations change — in real time, on one screen — when you touch, grab and interact with shapes, graphs and objects on the screen.

Graph functions, inequalities, implicit functions, conic sections, scatter plots, statistical plots and regression models, 3D graphs, parametric, polar and differential equations.

Enter equations in proper math notation so math symbols and formulas on the screen are identical to those in text books and on the board.

Deepen understanding by exploring hundreds of free activities for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Pre-Calculus and more from the online Math Nspired resource center.

Create and store work on your iPad, and share it using your Email or Dropbox account.


TI Education Technology is committed to success in mathematics by providing advanced learning tools that have been designed in collaboration with leading educators and researchers.

TI provides world-class professional development for teachers, as well as free activities and curriculum content.

For additional information about the TI-Nspire CAS App for iPad, please visit our website.

The TI-Nspire CAS App for iPad does not support external and third party keyboards.

* TI-Nspire App for iPad supports .jpg, jpeg, .bmp and .png image formats.
iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

OS >= 10.3


Allgemein (31.01.14 - 23:59)
Great new update with excel sheets import :)
Allgemein (15.11.13 - 22:30)
I love it, i must have it. But i won't buy it until pricedrop.
Allgemein (03.06.13 - 20:49)
Ok i downloaded when the price drop and now I want to buy the other version to see the difference this app is amazing. A must download for every engineer
Allgemein (08.04.13 - 06:09)
Cheap .. Past tense. I'd like to see another price drop.
UniJam ON 😜
Allgemein (08.03.13 - 15:00)
I'm just on the way to familiarize me with the enormous capabilities of this app.
First impression: looks extremely good...may be the best and of the serious CAS apps the cheapest as far i know.
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29.99 $

for iPad


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Version: 4.5.0
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Version: 3.4.0

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What's new in this version?

What’s New in Version 4.5
To report issues and help us improve our apps, please email us at

• Updated scientific constants and unit conversion functionality
• Made improvements to program authoring and execution in Program Editor
• Introduced various bug fixes and security improvements.

Release Date: 1/1/0001
Category: Education
Version: 4.5.0
Size: 94 MB
Rated: 4+
Rating (Overall): 4.5
Rating (Version): No Rating availible

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