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Programmed calculators (PMC), popular in the 80s of last century, now almost forgotten. And it is undeserved! These interesting devices, transferred to a program on modern technical base, and today can be very useful. Many people need to make some complicated calculations, and computer with special programs not around. Here in handy PMC to the iPhone. It is able to make calculation, which can not cope and Excel! Very useful can be our PrgCalc for teaching programming - the program contains all the PMC key elements: conditional and unconditional jumps, subroutines and loops. However, it is simple and requires no knowledge of a programming language. Many of today's programmers began developing his career was with PMC.

We did not set out to copy exactly any particular PMC, but by the command system, architecture and even design is reminiscent of some well-known PMC - MK54, MK61, BZ34, and others. It will go almost all the programs designed for these calculators. These programs there are very many - in mathematics, statistics, engineeringcalculations, finance, etc. Of course, and games. "Eggogology" is present!
Features a calculator greatly expanded: the speed is increased to a thousand (!) times, the program (and the register memory) can be saved to a file and read from it. These files are available for sharing via iTunes. Calculator also has an advanced programming mode, allowing you to create programs right on your iPhone. To enter this mode, simply turn the device in a horizontal position. The iPad mode is activated in a standard way - F PRG.

Calculator uses extremely convenient reverse "Polish" system of calculation, which eliminates the need for braces. 100 available addressable memory registers. The program can contain up to 1000 commands. With "swipe" on the display, you can remove the incorrect digit and "propose" a list of operational and addressable registers. The state of calculator is maintained even after unloading an application from memory.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Has support for Retina Display.

OS >= 8.0


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Jan 11
Version: 2.1
Jan 23
Version: 2.0
Mar 20
Version: 1.1.2
Nov 22
Version: 1.1.1
Sep 13
Version: 1.1
Aug 11
Version: 1.0

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Collection: Calculations, programming and around it

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What's new in this version?

Fixed bug with changing the sign of the number entered on keyboard, which could lead to incorrect filling of the stack. As a result, for example, the program will calculate the square root of the equation gave an incorrect result if the parameter "B" is negative.
Now the change of sign does not interrupt input mode of number digits, that even better than the original microcalculator.

Release Date: 1/1/0001
Developer: SKSoft
Category: Utilities
Version: 2.1
Size: 1 MB
Rated: 4+
Rating (Overall): No Rating availible
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